LW Hunt Resources

Was going through my mail and came across an offer from LW Hunt Resources…Anyone heard of these guys? At first I was excited because I’ve heard of the well known billionaire Hunt Oil Family out of Dallas but was a little dishearten to discover there was no relation.

Who are these not really “Hunt” Hunt’s?

They have been in Business Since 2008 have Leased 150,000 acres they say, players East Texas and Permian basin, I just Googled them. Good LUCK !

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure there are others who can give you more info than I can and will only relay my experience. LW Hunt contacted us to lease our Dawson Co property 2 years ago. At the time, we were also negotiating with CGS. LW Hunt’s offer was better than CGS. We researched everything which we could find about both companies and ultimately decided to sign with CGS. We decided that CGS was serious about drilling; we feared LW Hunt was only interested in “flipping” our lease. I encourage you to do an Internet search on the company.

I would agree with Peggy that LW Hunt might be flipping leases. You can see on the Courthousedirect website where LW Hunt acquired a few leases and then CGS acquired them from LW Hunt.