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i have minerial rights in section 1 block 27 loving county it is under lease to anadarko. does anyone know if there is any activity in this area?

anadarko seems to be drilling in section 2 block 29 . permit taken out in june of 2011

Lookin for any activity in Blk 29 PSL?

I have rights in Blk 28,PSL sec 6,7,8,9,15 and Blk 29 PSL 12,13. Anyone know of any activity? An oil company wants to buy our mother’s rights.

Patsy– Tell her not to sell her rights–tell her to lease them–minimum one quarter royalty and three year lease–as much lease bonus as she can get. Lots to be excited about in Blk 28 and Blk 29–shallow to deep–Delaware, Bone Springs, Morrow. Good luck! Roy

We received division orders from shell buying production from andarko . Does anybody have any information about activity on sections 10,11,15, 20,30 blocks29&30 just learning about this interest. Thanks to all on this site.

We have an Avalon well being drilled on our acreage in sec 8, 54-2-32. Does anyone know what kind of production is coming out of these wells in this area? Thanks

I have mineral rights in section 85, block 33, 3.5 acres.. does anyone know who might be leasing in this area...

Do you know of activity in BLK1 SEC 65 and AB 194 BLK 1 SEC 79

Been approached by an atty to get permission to go on my property to conduct survey for a pipeline easement. What do I need to know?

Well proposal 29-28 1H Sec.28blk.29 PSL survey WINS #H2857 We have a participation proposal does anyone know what is going on around this location.

Can anyone give me directions to section 28 block 29 and information or status of the Harrison 29-28 1H well. I wNt to drive out and have a look sometime. Thank you


Check your Inbox.

Clint Liles

I have been very busy lately and have not been able to find out anything on the harrison28-29 well that was being drilled in February can anyone give me any information it should be completed. Thank you

No completion report filed on API 301-32105 Harrison 28-29


Clint Liles

Anyone know of any activity Sec 20 Bl 2 Reeves... Thanks

I'm new to this forum so if I break a rule somehow just let me know. I joined because I'm not familiar with West Texas and received a $2K per acre bonus offer from a large independent and wondered if that's the market rate. Generally when lease offers are made they are made with some negotiating room. I thought anyway. I'm right on the Loving/Winkler line in Block 75

James, that seems like a good starting offer.

We're also on the Loving/Winkler line on the Texas and New Mexico border. Anything between $2K and $3K is reasonable. We recently received offers in that range.

Like you, I don't know the exact protocol of revealing information here, but it sure is helpful when others provide some specifics to help guide one's decisions.

My landman already jumped to $2,300 per acre but also indicated that the competition in the area is drying up. Not sure if he just said that for negotiating reasons or not.