Loving County rights. Offers coming in

Hi everybody:

So glad this site is here! I have a 1 acre mineral lease from 12/29/15 with BHP Billiton that gave me a $2k bonus, 1/4 part and no production fees. I have not received any additional payment.

In the last 3 months I have been getting multiple offers to purchase these rights. Some stating up to 14K others 20K plus. I finally called one of the people that actually called me and got an offer of $7K. I see purchase quotes that widely vary, but seem to be trending upward.

1) Should I just keep this parcel and wait for a return?

2) What could I reasonably expect from 1 acre if it starts to produce?

3) Is $7K a lowball offer to purchase an already leased acre? Some of the letters I have go were up to 20K per acre.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Sections 25 and 26, block 76 Public School Land Survey A-879 A880 Loving County, TX

Mr. Peters,

Below is likely why the increase in attention. Your tract is in blue, and the one to the left/west. Those are a lot of permitted wells. The horizontal drilled to the east is a nice well.

As to whether or not to sell, that is your call. Some of the members on this form will be more helpful on evaluating worth.

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Generally speaking, when someone offers to purchase your interests, they are doing so to make a profit. Oil and Gas investors are more likely to pay a premium than someone that is looking to buy from you and sell to an investor.

If you had a larger interest I would gladly put it to my group but they are seeking much larger acreage amounts.



Thanks for the information...so much to learn!

Hello, Todd Peters. I am in a similar position to you, i.e., own about 1 nma out of a 2552.7 acre lease (25% royalty) to EOG (just signed). They already have multiple drilling locations with 2 mile laterals in the Wolfcamp already permitted. Did you ever get your mineral acre sold? If you did and can pass on the details, I would be most grateful. I am new to this site, so I really don't quite know what I'm doing yet.

Our lease covers sec. 25,26,35,36, Blk. 76 PSL, Loving Co. EOG has 2 producing Wolfcamp offsets that terminate just a couple hundred feet south of the south line of our sec. 35. Both were completed in mid-2016. TRC completion reports for each well's 24 hr. IP are: 1) lse #48158 = 1882 BO + 2958 MCFG; 2) lse #48164 = 2477 BO + 3483 MCFG. These 2 drilling units have made A LOT of oil to date.

All the best, Ken