Love County section 34

I received a gift deed of mineral rights in Love county Oklahoma. This is all new to me so I’m trying to figure out how to get information on how this all works. I looked on Google maps at the area and it looks like there is some storage containers of some sort on the property. And a few other items next to’s hard to tell exactly what they are. But in the area there are other storage containers and what looks like a oil pump. As far as I know there is no activity on the property with oil. Is the county clerks office the best way to find out any information on oil leases? Would anyone in the forum know if there’s any activity in this area. I live out of state. Any help would be great. Section 34 Township 6 south Range 2 East Thanks for any help.

Hi Bryan, there are several wells still listed as active in that section. Some of them do show production on the OTC production site: There is also another link that you can search for wells by section: It may help to narrow down the list if your mineral deed only applies to a particular quadrant of the section (NE, SW, etc.) List of wells from OTC shown below: is a useful site for many counties. It has online records back several decades. Deeds, leases, etc.