Love County Sec 8

Sec 8, Township 8 South, Range 3 East Love County

Is there a web site URL where I can look up how many mineral acres I have in Love Cnty?

Thanks, Dautch

You will not find anything that states Tim Daughtry owns ___ acres. This involves a mineral title opinion. Sometimes they are fairly simple but some are very complex. You basically have to follow the title back to the roots to be 100% accurate.
Love County | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma Love County goes back to about 1987. Your name only appears on one lease. 8 8 S 3 E SE NE SE SW SE which indicates a maximum of 1.25 acres by my calculations. However, if you only have a fractional interest or the section is irregular size, you may have less.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the reply.

How much, approximately do you think it would cost to get these answers?

I agree on the 1.25 acres from my father, Douglas Lavern Daughtry.

I have discovered that he may have inherited 1/20th of John Henry Bond’s mineral rights in Love county, His Uncle.

Sorry for rattling on here…thanks again for your help.


Timothy Douglas Daughtry

I have 8 net mineral acres in Section 8-8S-3E and 9 net mineral acres in Section 5-8S-3E. I have just received a proposal for leasing to Blue Baron Energy on behalf of Trailhead Exploration for $900 per acre, 3 years, 2 year option and 3/16 royalty. Is this an average offer?