Love county Oklahoma, section 24-8S-2E

I am new to this, where exactly can I find this section in Love County, OK. and any prospects to it’s production? I’m born and raised in Odessa, TX, the heart of the Permian Basin.

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Here is a map of Love County. It will help you get oriented. Most of the current regulatory activity in 8S-2E are in sections 4,5,9 and 10 in the northern part of the township. There is a good bit of leasing in 24 by Trailhead Exploration

Love County Map.pdf (321.1 KB)

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Thank you for replying, the map helped me locate where to find section 24. I looked for the township and range and found exactly what I was searching for at It’s southeast of Marietta, OK on the Red River. Now I would like to find out which area in that spot is (N/2 N/2 NE/4 and N/2 S/2 N/2 NE/4 of 24-8S-2E. You are right that Trailhead Exploration LLC is leasing this property thru Blue Baron Energy of Norman, OK. This lease is between me, my brother and our mom. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Guy

Each section is roughly 640 acres. The sections are numbered from 1-36 starting in the upper right corner and going in a serpentine motion. Read the descriptions from right to left. For Example, the N2 N2 NE4 is 160 acres for the NE4, then half of that for the north half, so that makes 80 acres, and the north half of that is 40 acres. The N2 S2 N2 NE4 is contiguous to the other part. 160 acres for the NE4, then half of that is 80 acres, this time it is the south half, so 40 acres, and then half of that again, for 20 acres.