Love County Mobley

No word on Mobley. Have all the wells shut down again?

Give the legal description for the Mobley and someone may be able to help you.

My guess is the Mobley being referenced is Mobley 1-21H28X33 API 35-085-21317, with a surface location in 21-6S-1W and bottomhole in 33-6S-1W. There is a report that the well was spud July 27,2020. OTC site lists well as active as of 06/08/2021, but no production posted yet.

I can’t confirm anything, but I’ve heard rumors that this well had some sort of an issue when being completed, I was told that is the reasoning of the delay on bringing this well online. Again I can’t confirm, just what I was told.

I have interest in this Mobley Well. . According to the OCC the first production date was June 8, 2021. 118 barrels a day of oil and 123 mcf of gas. Whether or not they are pumping everyday, I don’t know. Not seeing any sales on the Oklahoma Tax Commission site, but they are usually two to three months behind in their reporting.

Couldn’t find production figures for XTO Mobley on OCC.

If you go to OCC well search and give them well location. The well name and number. The operator and operator number. You can find first production day June 8, 2021. 114 barrels of oil and 123mcf.of gas. There are no production figures beyond that. This doesn’t mean there is more production or there is not more production. It just means OCC has not been given any production figures. XTO is famous for slow finishing acts. Especially when it comes to division orders. Most likely we will not get a full accounting until after December 8, 2021. By law, I believe XTO Has 180 days from completion date(June 8. 2021)before division orders have to be assigned. Believe me. They will string this out until the witching hour.