Love County mineral rights

I would like to know whats going on with the drilling have not herd anything in months Section 20 Township 7 South Range 2 East Love County ok

Thank you

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XTO pooled the section in Feb 2019. XTO planned the Miller 1-28H20X17 with a surface hole in 28. Well was spud Feb 26, 2019. I do not see a completion report yet. 2020 was a strange year with COVID shut ins and drilled but uncompleted wells that they did not want to produce at low prices. You would have to contact XTO Energy Inc to see if they plan to complete the well or if they have already done so. They were supposed to open the case docket again on Dec 2019 for final orders, but I do not see any yet.

Did anyone else pay I believe $42.00 to lawyer in Ok to update info why pay if you never here anything

If you are talking about the directory, I quit it years ago. All the title information is at the county courthouse and you can watch wells on the OCC and OTC websites for free. Landmen will go to the courthouse and look up the records if they want to find you.

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Mineral Owner Registry is a SCAM. Don’t pay them a dime. M_Barnes is absolutely correct. Having your correct contact information at the county clerk’s offices where you own minerals is the only thing you need to do. Sorry you got scammed.

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