Love 7-7S-2E Martin well

Ms. Barnes,I noticed that you recently posted something concerning Martin well, Section 7 7S 2E. I could not open the post, can you send me information, as I am a mineral owner in this well?

If you search using the magnifying glass above on “Information on Martin well”, you will see the train of answers

The OTC portal runs about four-five months behind so I would not be concerned at this point. RD Williams will not have any information on the well. They were only the leasing agent. XTO Energy is the operator. They are the ones that will send out the division orders. First sales were about 7/26/19, so you should get a Division Order in January sometime and then a check soon thereafter.

If you don’t hear anything by February. then contact the Division Order Department at:


It is still producing. XTO is just extremely slow getting out Division Orders. We have minerals in the Bone Valley which is in Sections 12 & 13 Close to the Martin and started about the same time as Martin and we haven’t received Divison orders either. In fact another well the Harper started producing last February and no division orders have been issued yet either.

The good news is that they have to start paying 12% interest after 12 months if you have clear title to the minerals!

I meant to say interest starts after 6 months

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I usually give the companies about eight months to get their DO out. If the well has first pay too close to the check cut date of the company, the six months may have a bit a fudge room on it. The sales department may not talk to the division order department in time to count that first month. Besides, I don’t mind getting 12% on a late payment. You do have to request it is writing though. I also send the request by certified mail so that I have a green return receipt card to prove they got the request.

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Thank you for your update LKO

Would that certified request letter for the 12% go to the Division Department in Spring, Texas that you sent earlier? LKO

Yes. Frequently, the first payment check will come about six-seven months after first sales. Check the stub for the interest payment. Sometimes, it will come on the second check without you having to ask for it (a few companies), but if not there and they were late, then ask for it.