Louisiana Oil Revenue

Before my Father passed away on August 7,1997, he had the (7) parcels of land he owned in Cameron, LA put into a Trust to heir to his three daughters on Jan 2, 1992 with our Mother as testamentary executor of the Trust. I have my copy of the Judgement of Possession with legal descriptions of each parcel dated Feb, 1998. Upon my Mothers demise in Nov, 2003, my oldest sister became Executor of the Trust with me as Co-Executor. Somehow, my oldest sister has been receiving every check from oil royalties since 2003. How was she able to do this?? Shouldn’t those royalties have been sent, 1/3 equally, to each of the three heirs? This is why I’m trying to find out the amount of royalties received since 2003. I realize I would need to contact each operator to gather royalties received since 2003, but what do I need to ask to understand how or why executor is receiving our royalties? Where do I go from here?


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