Loud rumbling from pipeline/station


We have a new pipeline below our house, there is a LOUD rumbling sound that sounds like a truck idling but there’s no trucks around. What is this, it’s very annoying. How do I find out where it’s coming from and report it. It used to be so quiet here in the woods.


How is there a new pipeline under your house? Are you saying they actually put a pipeline under your existing house? That would be most unusual, especially since it sounds like you are in a rural setting.

A little more information would be helpful. Where are you located? Is it a gas or oil pipeline? Who is the Company? From your description, I would guess you are near a compressor station.


Steve-the pipeline is down the road from us maybe an 8th of a mile. It’s gas, they are all over the place here in Northeastern PA. I live outside of the Scranton PA area and I can’t tell if they are putting a pumping station in down below, it’s in the woods. I’ve been told we shouldn’t be able to hear the pumping station and it’s not every day, the past 2 days I haven’t heard anything. I’m hoping it’s just work they are doing that isn’t going to be all of the time. This pipeline is going to Virginia from what I hear.


If the pipeline is still under construction then it won’t be a compressor station that you hear. The compressors will be running only after the line is in operation. Sounds like you are dealing with construction noise.