Lost title 26 15N 06W

My Grandma left my Mom 5.66 acres of minerals. I have papers where my Mom leased for 5 years for $80 ($15 a year) in 1973. I find several wells but the newer one is in 2015. and been producing over a year. API 073 -25174 spacing order 644434. Anyone know how I can check on this.

Thanks, Ferril

You didn't say exactly what you wanted to check on.

If you want to see recent production on the Vieth 1605, you can enter your legals at the following link and follow the screen instuctions:


Thanks Mr. Anderson with your help I found the well I was trying to find out about. On the well lease of Bubbles-1506 under the monthly production it has oil 2744 for Nov. and NG at 7651. Does that mean 2744 barrels of oil? I'm pretty ignorant about the NG volume and how to figure a rough estimate of the monthly income on 7651. Also interested to learn about the spacing order 644434.

Any help or comments appreciated