Lost royalty check due to mail? Paloma

Anyone have any problems with Paloma stating it is due to the mail… checks have not been received? Curious to see how often this happens? And when notifying company they tell us to just wait till Friday? So we wait and now they will not respond to communication of when they will re issue check? Was told it was not just myself that hasn’t received check … thanks I advance …

It can happen. In 2018, we were missing quite a few checks in June from various companies. They suddenly appeared in December. Apparently, the mail truck had been parked in another state and presumed to be empty until they pulled it out in December to deliver Christmas mail. The boxes in the back of the truck were empty, but the front of the truck had boxes of mail that weren’t empty. In another case, some of our checks were being stolen at the post office. A man would go down the rows and pull out envelopes that were peeking out of the gap in the boxes and cash the checks. He went to jail once they caught him.

That being said, always good to keep on top of the issue. Best to send a certified letter to Paloma requesting payment if you are missing more than one month. Also, before getting too upset, always check your division order and see what minimum amount you have on it. Many have $100 as a minimum and monies have to accrue to over $100 before they send the check. I set mine to $25 so I can keep an eye on smaller payments. If you have $100 and your royalties that month might have been $98, you won’t get a check for that month as they will accrue the amounts until it is over $100.

Thank you …, I state do top of it had to end up emailing legal department and the general administration department and they finally called me back … it is a substantial amount and my brother who loves 11 miles away got his and mine was slots they did tell a few were lost in mail so they say they reissued Friday and mailed we will see … one month they didn’t mail a check and it was a big one and they made me wait a month due to their error … so I have learned to stay on top but with a nice attitude lol thanks again hoping get it this week ?

If you keep having trouble with them, you may want to do direct deposit. Good luck! You may have to remind them of the Statutory Interest requirement and demand interest by certified letter when they are late.

They said they do not do direct deposit said they have thousands of checks a month ? So that interest applies not just after first production checks?

Just keep after them. Patience is often needed when dealing with certain operators.

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