Lost mineral rights

Good morning all!!

I am looking for any information regarding Abstract A-455 in Shelby Co. My grandfather Smith Sanders who was president of the bank in Center when Bonnie and Clyde were making their rounds will to my Dad and his sister the mineral rights not the surface rights to this parcel. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

~~John Sanders “The last man standing”

my “go to” is the RRC GIS MAP to locate properties and production; http://wwwgisp.rrc.texas.gov/GISViewer2/ click on the magnifying glass at the top to search click “Surveys” then select Shelby then in the “ABSTRACT A-” box type 455 then click the “Query” button This will jump you to the subject abstract Once you’re there, you can close the search popup Then click the circle i button at the top (information) select “wells” this will allow you to mouse over a given well to obtain additional info Looks like there’s no current production on this abstract but you may look in the vicinity for a pooled unit which affects your tract of land (big maybe on that though) Good luck!

Can’t tell from your post, are you trying to find information on current activity in that survey (A-455) or trying to pin down information on the mineral interest that you inherited…number of mineral acres, location within the survey, etc? If that’s the sort of information you are after it will require some research in the Shelby County deed records. Did your grandfather’s will include a legal description of the mineral interest in you’ve inherited?