Lost inheritance

After my father passed away my aunt, his sister, stumbled onto paperwork on oil and mineral rights that she somehow got royalties set up being sent to my mother…while I was living away my mother passed on also. My aunt is dead to. How do I find out where the oil and mineral rights are at this point. Are they still in my mothers name? Has one of my siblings changed heir rights. These are questions I don’t know how or where to start getting answers. I never asked and don’t have any names or business names that sent checks to my mother and she passed away several years ago.

What state did your mom live in, did she have a will

Oklahoma. No will

My sister Sandy Pugh moved my mom around. When she died it was in ft worth Texas nursing home.

Linda, do you know what county or counties the mineral interests were located in?

Although a long shot, you should check with the Oklahoma State Treasurer's website for the Unclaimed Property search. If you should find any royalty payments or pooling funds, this might lead to property descriptions or production company names. Be sure to search all name variations of your father and mother. If nothing comes up, check on just the last names and wade through the possibly long list.

If you know of her tax person, perhaps records of her taxes could be found.

Do you know what county the mineral rights would have been in, if in tx, you could check texasfile.com

Thank you so much everyone for your help

I’m still looking. I did find a royalty check that has never been claimed in my moms name. One is by Patterson’s and the other is by Katsco energy. Now I m waiting.