Lost in confusion


I inherited some mineral rights for a plot in Hidfalgo County Texas in 1975, I have had correspondence with various companies over the years for exploration rights. For the past 10 years or so, I have lost any communication abilities with anyone. The companies cannot be found. I can get no response from anyone.
So, basically I have no idea of the current status of the plot.

I have asked here before and have not really found any help.

I am asking again. What does someone like me, in California, do to find current information on my mineral rights plot? I cannot find any sources to search, people to call, nothing. I am lost and need some help.

Thanks to anyone who can shine a light for me!


If you post a legal description, then someone may be able to give you some information


thanks. Here is all I have…
Lot 374 10 AC Bentsen Groves “C”

It’s in Hidalgo County. I would just like to know the current status. I’d like to know who to contact about any activities in that area. I’d like to be brought up to date. I just don’t know where to find that info. I have tried over these last ten years and always come to a dead end.


It looks like Lot 374 of Bentsen Groves ‘C’ became part of a subdivision called Eduardo’s No. 4. If that’s right the current legal description for the surface of the 10 acres where your mineral interest is located would be Lots 18 through 22, and 39 through 64 of that Eduardo’s No. 4 subdivision, J.A. Zamora Survey, Abstract 79.

If you’ll go to Hidalgo County Appraisal District’s website and search their GIS map for Account # 705737 it will take you to one of the lots that are now on your 10 acres.

The place to check for mineral activity in that area is the Railroad Commission’s website. Pull up RRC’s map for Hidalgo County and search there for the Abstract 79, then look for Lot 374.

It doesn’t look like there has been any drilling around there since the late 80’s. The only wells still producing are a couple of miles to the east.


Thank you, Dusty1. This is very very helpful and I appreciate any time you took to respond.Thank you!