Lost documents

Does anyone know what steps to take to find out information on mineral rights documents that are lost? Is there a copy kept somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help.

They should have been recorded in the County Clerks office in the county where the minerals are located.

Okay thank you. What information will I need when contacting them since we don’t have the documents?

My mother died in 2001 and the mineral rights documents she had are lost, as far as we know. I am the youngest of the children and I just never thought about it until my brother reminded me of them. I contacted my older sister who gathered all the paper work my mother had when she died. She said she shredded everything, she thinks. She is looking but haven’t found the documents as of yet.

Thanks for your help.

If you know the state and county that would be a great help. Most counties have online record research capabilities. For instance, in Oklahoma 66 counties can be searched with a single query. Multiple Counties | OKCountyRecords.com | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma

Of the remaining 11 counties, some require a subscription or paid search.

Caddo No search.

Canadian County– Search

Cleveland County Clerk — Search

Creek County– Search

Garfield County, 580.237.0226 Search from 1990 Assessor

Grady County (405) 224-7388 Search Subscription Based

Oklahoma County —Search

Payne County —Search

Pottawatomie County– Search

Rogers County Clerk Jeanne M. Heidlage (918) 923-4796 — Search

Tulsa County Clerk Subscription based Pre-Statehood to 1923

Wagoner County —Search

Woods County–(580) 327-0942

Thank you, Richard, I will check these, appreciate!

Btw, I only have names to check with. A couple of County Clerk’s offices said that prior to 1998 it would not pull up any information for name search unless the mineral rights were transferred which she said rarely happens. This was the Muskogee, Cherokee and Sequoya County Clerk offices that told me this. I will check at the sites you gave links too.