Lora Mannie:Reeves County Section 14/Block 5/H & G N RR


Seems like the major producer/operator in this area is Rosetta Resources. They have some good wells in the area. Next door to the South of Section 14 Rosetta has an approved permit for well 35663 as of February 1, 2017....

Link to Approved Drilling permit for well 35663:


They also have another approved permit for another well(35649) next door to the South as of January 30, 2017. Seems as though things are picking up in this area. Rosetta has several approved permits for wells in the surrounding area and have several producing oil/gas wells in the area. This is a good area to have minerals. After checking production on some of the producing wells in this area after 5 to 6 years they are still going strong.

GIS Map or Reeves County Section 14/Block 5 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles