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Hello Group,

An Uncle passed away a while back and his farm outside Williston was split up about twenty-some ways. The land was sold back to a local relative to keep the farm in tact but mineral rights were kept. I have had the leases for a while but I am getting up there in age and don’t think i can wait around much longer. I sold 4 acres early last year to one of the companies that had been soliciting me, then got a letter from another company offering stating my land was split in three sections and worth three different values. I haven’t checked but I’m betting those 4 acres were from the top tier. Can’t blame them. I sold them six more, but asked for the corresponding values that time. I’m ready to sell some more but I realize I haven’t looked into the value myself. I live out of state and have to do Dialysis treatments so I can’t make the trip personally. I would like to know if any of members of this group could provide me with some contact or reference or personal experience advice on shopping it around? These areas are in Township 157 and 158 North, Range 100. I sure would appreciate any input in the matter.


S. Marlene

Yes, it does, Gary. And thank you for your prompt reply. We were offered $1500 for the land in 158 North, $2000 for part of 157 North and $2,500 for the other part of 157 North. It would be awful fun join you folks who are holding on, but I feel i don't have the time left. Need to enjoy it now.

Have you considered selling to other family members? The local relative might be extremely grateful to have more mineral rights to go with the surface land. It appears many people are trying to get into the Bakken area. I get regular solicitations from various sources for my acreage in McKenzie & Williams counties. I will pass along the contact info from their letters but have no idea if they are reputable or would be interested in your acreage. There are six wells on the confidential list for T158-R100 and a lot of activity in T157-100 so there should be interest if you are determined to sell.

Aegis Energy Partners, Keith Foster 303-986-3536 kmfoster@aegisenergypartners.com

Dale Operating Company, Stephen Abney 214-979-9010 ext 48 Sabney@dale-energy.com

Broadmoor Land & Minerals, Chase Thompson 214-446-1675 ct@broadmoorminerals.com

Irish Oil & Gas has an advertisement in the Williston Herald to purchase or lease minerals. Again, I have no knowledge of this person or company.

701-751-3141 Timothy Furlong tim@irishog.com

I recommend a good google search of Irish Oil before you start dealing with them, especially the court case where Irish paid late. I think there are others also.

I think some Williams County minerals just sold on www.mineralhub.com for $3250 and acre. The acreage was a little north of you. If you need to part with them I think you could get $4000 for them.

All good info, thank you.

To Robert:

I've seen a lot of solid info come from you in other posts. I would like to pm you the exact location. Please don't go out of your way. Just maybe you currently have any knowledge of happenings in the area. Thank you in any event.

Also, Robert:

You may reply on the forum if it helps anyone else.