Looking to sell producing minerals in Reagan County, Texas

Has anyone recently sold their Permian Basin producing minerals? I have minerals in Reagan County Texas that I would like to sell and I am interested in the going rate. I believe my un-drilled acreage is more valuable that the current production.

Have you received an offer letter? If you plan on calling around and asking people to buy your minerals, you’re likely going to get a lot less for them. If someone has approached you, then you at least know the minimum you can get for them and you can try to get competing offers. There are many factors that will determine the value. The biggest is whether or not anyone has made you an offer in writing. Then you get into questions such as How many acres do you own? What percentage do you own? Is there a current lease and if so, what are the terms? Are you near any existing production and if so, who is the operator and how much is it producing? Has there ever been a dry hole drilled on your acreage and if so, when and at what depths? The list goes on. If you must sell them quickly, the best way is to list them on a site such as usmineralexchange and see what the market brings you.

Thanks for the info.