Looking to sell , not sure whats a fair price

Just got a cold call from someone interested in buying my Mother's Mineral and gas rights, in the area of Logan County , Ok. Its in section 32 18N 4w, 15.3/4 acres. Can anyone tell me what's a fair price to sell them at. I was offered 2,750.00 per mineral acre. I'm trying really hard to keep my Mother in her home, and not have to place her in a Nursing home, so the extra money would help,

Thank you

That is not nearly enough. It should lease for that amount.

If your Mother owns her home outright, speak to her banker about taking out a Reverse Mortgage (RM.) A RM is a type of home loan for homeowners (62 years or older) that require no monthly mortgage payments. If this works out, it just might help to keep her in the comforts of her own home and without you having to sell her minerals. Don't be forced to sell ... just negotiate wisely and lease!

Good luck,

Thank you for all your comments.. I really appreciate that. The Thing is, is that , if I kept the rights, she would never get that amount, in royalty checks, in her lifetime. at this point in time, we're ready to sell. I just want to get a fair price for her. We are in no rush, so I have the luxury of waiting, and see if we get other, higher offers. I just need advice on what that price would be. Thanks

Tell them to get a hold of me. I have a ton that I'd love to sell that that price in Logan!

If that's a serious offer then that's likely a great offer. I own minerals in the section next to you and I would sell tomorrow for $2,750/acre. Who's the offer from?