Looking to retain landman to assist with mineral rights in Bryan County, OK


My wife is the trustee of her later father's trust, which includes mineral rights in two tracts:

Tract I: S/2 NE/4in Section 35, Township 6 South, Range 7 East, Bryan County, Oklahoma.

Tract II: NW /4 NE /4 SW/ 4 and N /2 NW /4 SE / 4 in Section 35, Township 6 South, Range 7 East, Bryan County, Oklahoma.

Several years ago she leased the first tract on the basis that the trust had 65 net acres (13/16ths of 80 acres), however, she has gotten conflicting information regarding the number of net acres that the trust owns. She wants to sell the mineral rights so that she can close out the trust, but first would like to hire a landman familiar with the area to assist in determining the actual ownership interest.

Any suggestions regarding a good, reputable landman would really be appreciated...




Perhaps it would be more beneficial for your wife to split the minerals amongst those whom share the Trust rather than sell the properties? A good oil & gas law attorney could assist you with this task (determine the net mineral acres) and then everyone involved would own a portion and they could either sell it, or potentially lease it as they wish. Just a thought. Should you be of interest, I recommend attorney Tim Dowd (Two Leadership Square, 211 North Robinson Suite 1300, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7149) Phone:(405) 232-3722. My family has used him for many years. Best of luck!

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, due to some complications in the trust, she can't really split up the mineral rights among the beneficiaries. Also, I appreciate the suggestion about Mr. Dowd...