Looking to obtain a valuation my mineral ights

Hello, I’m new to this area. My father recently passed and I inherited mineral rights in Nacogdoches County (in the JA Chireno survey). I have two companies interested in purchasing my mineral rights but not the first clue on how to value them. Can anyone point me to an attorney or appraiser I could contact that is familiar with Nacogdoches County mineral rights, or provide any other suggestions? Thanks for any help!

IF the minerals are in production, you can get a general idea of the value of currently producing minerals in the currently producing zone. The Nacogdoches County Appraisal District is where you can find this information.

If the minerals are leased, affects the value. If the minerals have been condemned by drilling, it affects the value.

Having more that one suitor is to your advantage.

You don’t have to sell all that you own. You can sell for a specified period of time. The list of options goes on and on.

Lots of thinking goes into valuing minerals for sale.


Buddy Cotten

Thank you Buddy. Very helpful.