Looking to Lease Mineral Rights in Beckham County, Oklahoma

I own mineral rights in three different parcels in Beckham County, Oklahoma. For the last 10 years leasing these rights has been fairly easy, inasmuch as I receive several offers when the leases are up and can negotiate for the best deal.

This year things have taken a bizarre turn... I was "played" by one company in the negotiations until I told them enough was enough (they even attempted to short my ownership interest by 1/3 in a parcel -- despite there being a very clear chain of title, including a final order from the appropriate probate court with regard to my ownership interest with no subsequent dilution of the rights). I then began discussions with a landman recommended to me -- and he flaked out after several weeks (he had lots of promises, but never produced a lease or even a letter contract -- it was always coming soon -- soon apparently being sometime after we all pass from this earth :-/).

I've tried my best to find a reputable landman or company with which to deal to lease these rights, but I don't live in Oklahoma and seem to not have the connections I need to find someone who deals with leases in this area. My parcels are in Beckham County:

Section 1, Township 10 North, Range 24
Section 10, Township 9 North, Range 21
Section 31, Township 8 North, Range 22

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you!