Looking to hire Landman

I own a small company that buys and sells rural real estate, surface rights only.

We buy land primarily in Oklahoma and Texas, and we work across the two states in a ‘lawn-mower’ pattern, looking for undervalued land, county-by-county.

We need to hire a landman (or possibly multiple) to help us with our pre-purchase research. We’re primarily concerned with legal access to the property, and clear chain of title. Or, curative action as needed. We’ve come to realize that our pre-purchase research is some of the best money we can spend, and helps us to move quickly through good, clean deals.

I’m having trouble finding a website or clearing house or something where I can look for people to hire. I found this forum, and I’m hoping that this forum will help.

Please advise. Thanks.

American Association of Petroleum Landmen would probably be a better place to post. I see postings there all the time.

Did you ever find your landman?