Looking to hire Landman


I own a small company that buys and sells rural real estate, surface rights only. The company is called “Rural Land Watch” if you want to check it out.

We buy land primarily in Oklahoma and Texas, and we work across the two states in a ‘lawn-mower’ pattern, looking for undervalued land, county-by-county.

We need to hire a landman (or possibly multiple) to help us with our pre-purchase research. We’re primarily concerned with legal access to the property, and clear chain of title. Or, curative action as needed. We’ve come to realize that our pre-purchase research is some of the best money we can spend, and helps us to move quickly through good, clean deals.

I’m having trouble finding a website or clearing house or something where I can look for people to hire. I found this forum, and I’m hoping that this forum will help.

Please advise. Thanks.


American Association of Petroleum Landmen would probably be a better place to post. I see postings there all the time.



I messaged you regarding some help with land services.