Looking for suspense $$ and disposition

These were passed along by my grandfather in his estate. My siblings and I inherited these Trying to find out if any money is in suspense as well as disposition of these leases. All are in Midland county Texas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am still trying to figure out the GIS viewer. TIA, MK ne/4 sw/4 sec4 block 37 t4s, nw/4 sw1/4 sec10 block 37 t4s, s/2 se/4 sec10 block 37 t4s, w/2 se/4 sec15 block 37 t4s, nw/4 nw/4 sec16 block 37 t4s, sw/4 se/4 sec16 block 37 t4s,

Hi Mikro1, sometimes it is easier to locate and discuss the locations by using abstract numbers (A-1370 for example) Blk 37 T4S Sec4 see A-1370, Blk 37 T4S Sec10 see A-1445, Blk 37 T4S Sec15 see A-552, Blk 37 T4S Sec16 see A-891, There are wells from RRC lease 18187 in A-1370 & A-1445. Most of these are plugged, but some production is still listed. There are wells from RRC lease 18551 in A-552 & A-891. Again most of these are plugged, but some are producing. A-891 also contains permits for some new horizontal wells. No production yet, but you may have a lease connected with these wells. (API 42-329-44219, 44220 & 44221) Almost all of the wells in these areas are operated by Pioneer. You would have to contact them to know if they were holding any funds related to these wells or leases.


Pete, Thank you very much for the information, it is greatly appreciated. I now understand more about the GIS viewer from your info as well. Makes this a lot easier to decipher. I will study that info and also contact Pioneer. Again Many thanks, MK