Looking for someone to show me around


newbie here, forgive my ignorance. Also delete if not allowed - though I believe this is fine to ask.

I am new to mineral rights and out of town; in fact a Canadian. Looking to purchase some rights in Lavaca, and neghboring counties. I believe there’s no substitute for “boots on the ground” experience, and while I am doing anything i can online and remotely, was thinking if anyone could connect me to someone who knows the area and operators locally… Was thinking of coming down there for a few days, hooking up with someone to drive around… Open as to the specifics of this arangement… Anyone local enough and willing to commit couple of days? Thinking end of February. Please PM.

I do hope I am not viuolating anything here Have a great day all Henry

Several states do not allow foreign ownership of minerals. OK is one of them as it just passed a new law that took effect in November. Not sure the status of the Texas law. I have heard rumblings about a possible new one there. You may want to check that situation before putting in a lot of effort to look around.

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Thanks M_Barnes. Understand and respect this. Ideea was to act via a US LLC if that changes perspective. Anyway thanks for your response. HL

The Oklahoma statute referenced recently was changed to exclude mineral rights. However, there is new federal reporting that requires the reporting of the ownership of LLCs and includes citizenship. So, something to pay attention to. I doubt there are any operators out there - at best you might be able to run into field guys, but they are not going to just give you the upcoming drilling plans. Mineral ownership is often not local, either. Mineral buying has become harder to get into with the influx of private equity buyers, but most are targeting the Permian. I wish you luck on your endeavor.

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Thank you, this is very helpful

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