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I have question maybe someone here can help with. Recently I was reminded of the Mineral Rights my mother owned in Woodward Co. She passed six years ago and at the time I'd forgotten about her having had this interest, until someone recently made contacted me with an offer to purchase. My mother estate has already gone through Probate in another state, where she lived and died, and I'm wondering what is the best way to go about getting these mineral rights put in my name. From what I've learned we can either start a new Probate process in Woodward Co. or sign a Affidavit of Heirship. The person wishing to purchase suggested we could sell to him and he'd do what is called a "Quite Title Action."

Has anyone had any similar experience? I'm not real sure how the Quite Title Action would work, and am trying to decide what would be the best way to legally inherit my mother's Mineral Rights and be able to either lease or sell them.


I would get an Oklahoma oil & gas attorney to start with. You should be able to file a copy of the probate in Woodward co if the Will shows you get everything and you didn't have to file estate tax. If you had to pay estate tax, than you may have to pay more taxes, plus Oklahoma estate tax. Also, Oklahoma has a quick probate if you only have a little bit in the state. (can't remember what it is called, part of old age I guess ) In order to file a quit title you should get a good attorney and he would post it in the paper 3 times, if no one comes forward, it's suppose to be yours. But, I don't feel this is the best way to get a clear title as their are always a question of ownership. I wouldn't sell anything till you are sure the title is in your name, sounds like someone is trying to purchases your mineral cheap and a well is about to go down or may already be drilling.

If you need an attorney name, You can friend me and I can give you some names that I feel are good.


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My husband got a letter from 2 companies wanting to purchases his mineral in Woodward Co. Please be careful as some want you to sell your minerals and than they will send a check. Seems like their maybe some people trying to get rich off of not paying for minerals.

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