Looking for rights my mother had.

HI everyone, My name is Tina and I'm new to the forum. I know nothing about this stuff so I have a question. My Mother passed away 4 years ago and her will is still not settled. The one thing that is keeping this from closing is if my Mother still has any oil and mineral rights. She sold some in 1995 and some family was told us that was the last she owned. But in 2013 she filed a proof of death and heirship in Stephens county. Can anyone help direct me to someone that could say whether she owns any more rights so we can get this settled and get some closure in this matter. Thank you.


There is more than 1 State with a Stephens County. What State are you referring to? Always give as much 'complete' information as possible.


Clint Liles

Thank you for the welcome.

I thought this forum was for Oklahoma but I guess I didn't catch that. As you can tell I'm not very computer literate. All I do is play games and keep in touch with friends on Facebook and I need help with those two things occasionally. Other than Oklahoma I don't know what else I can tell you.