Looking for Operator name

I am looking for the operator name on the following: Sec. 17-T12N-R5E, Payson 1-17H (2 or 3 wells). Also, if anyone knows how to research I am looking for a Division Order Title Opinion, which will at least show my legal description and leasehold info (my predecessor in title who leased the interest or was pooled way back). This is old info and might be hard to find. I’ve written to Energytransfer.com who took over for Sunoco, but they aren’t giving me the information and it all seems very secretive so I figured I would give this a shot. Thanks!

The operator for Payson 1-17H is listed as the Paul Gillham Oil Company, OCC number 18920. Have you checked OKCountyRecords for previous lease and title info?

The Division Order Title opinion is proprietary to the company that had it done. You may sometimes ask nicely for a copy of the paragraph that pertains to your acreage only. Some companies share, some do not.

The Payson 1-17H has a surface location in section 8, so data from the well is listed there. The Operator is Paul Gillham Oil Company PO BOX 699 MAUD, OK 74854-0699( Sunoco/EnergyTransfer is the carrier) and they will have a copy of the original lease. The well was drilled in 2015. Spacing is 320 acres. (Look it up in 0812N05E) Ask for their Division Order analyst.

Payson 2-17 was also drilled in 2015. (Look it up in 1712N05E)

https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx well records

Gross Production Gross Production site. (Look up by name or by bottom hole location)


If you know who preceded you on the lease, you might try www.okcountyrecords.com to get a copy of the lease. You can look for free. Small fee to print.

This is immensely helpful. I don’t know who preceded me on this or how I came to own it. That is part of the problem. It’s basically been an annoyance and the check stub info gives no info at all except that it came from Sunoco and lists only 1-17H and no property description even. Sunoco isn’t in the picture at all from what Energy Transfer told me. Maybe I can find out who preceded me now and can know how I came to own this and why I receive a check every year. It almost seems like something someone passed off on me and I am not really entitled to. This does not appear in any decrees of any of my deceased relatives whose probates took place in the state of OK. Looks like I’ll need to do some more digging.

Thanks for all the help on this. I have checked and found that I am not a legal owner for this and should not be receiving a check. Energytransfer.com has so far refused to get back to me on it.

If you feel you are not the owner, do not cash the check. Return to sender by certified mail return receipt requested and keep a copy of everything that you send!

Thank you! That is exactly my plan. I have pointed out to them the error, but plan to follow up by returning any and all checks. Keeping a record is great advice.