Looking for Oklahoma city Oil & Gas Attorney

I have eight leases that need to be passed from my mother to my self. Most leases are in OK city. Any suggestions?

in texas while my mom was still alive she signed a transfer order to put it in me and my sisters name and gave it to the leaseing co

I'm sure there are a lot of good choices, but I can recommend Bass Law Firm. They have an El Reno office and an Oklahoma CIty office. Here is their web site for contact information:


Let me know if you need additional information.

I came here to recommend Gabe Bass but JW beat me to it.

May I suggest Chas. "Chuck" Davis an oil & gas att'y in Norman,Okla. His phone number is 405-310-2522 and his e-mail is orion.lex.cbd@coxinet.net. I belive you will find that Chuck will "shoot you a straight arrow"

Thank you for the attorney contacts!