Looking for more info on

… M. V. Pena League, A-27, Rusk County. Curious about current activity and information. Current rates for Oil if being produced. How to get a physical view of the operations (if possible). Which Shall in specific is this area correlated with. Current map of wells and if that info is public.

W Wright welcome to Mineral Rights Forum. Not much going on in Rusk County at this time. Seems as though the major operator in the past in Section 4/A-27/M V Pena Survey is Sabine Oil and Gas Corporation. They have drilled and are operating numerous Cotton Valley horizontal gas wells in A-27 at this time.

This link is to all submitted and approved wells in Rusk County from Jan. 01, 2020 through May 19, 2020


GIS Map of Rusk County A-27/Section 4/M V Pena Survey and surrounding area:


Thank you for the welcome and info, Clint! I might come back with some more questions but for now that is it.