Looking for mineral rights near Foyil, Oklahoma

Hello out there!

My dad, T. W. White, Jr., and my mother, Betty L. White, owned some property many years ago near Foyil. They later sold it, but kept the mineral rights.

We don't know where the property is, exactly, and have no idea how to look it up.

Any suggestions?


Rogers County Clerk's office.

When did they sell it?

I have an address for the Rogers county clerk. They should be able to tell you but they will probably charge you. Rogers County Clerk, 229 N Maple, Nowata Ok. 74048. Another option is to register with the Oklahoma Mineral Owners Registry. It costs about $40 per year and you register your parents names and the county where the property is located. Oil companies are required to try to find you if they want to lease or buy your mineral rights, and this is one of the places they look.

This is one of the places they are SUPPOSED to look.

The oil and gas companies very rarely if ever look into the mineral owners registry. Mineral owners registry has value in other ways though.

The companies doing the abusive poolings don't look anywhere other than the county section township and range they are working.