Looking for Mediterranean Resources, LLC or successor

We have overriding royalty rights in a concession in Italy. They were formerly administrated by Mediterranean Resources, LLC in Houston. Mediterranean no longer exists and we’re having a hard time finding a successor so that we can find out the status of our holdings. If anyone knows anything about this group, I’d appreciate any info. Thanks!

You might try to reach Steven Foy with Pecks production in Austin. He was listed as an officer of Mediterranean when it purchased the concession.

Correction. Pecos production.

Hi - thanks so much! I found that too, but I can’t find any contact info for Pecos Production. The address listed is a registered agent.

Thanks again :smile:

The National Association of Division Order Analysts (NADOA) website has publications available on their website which might prove helpful. One is “Mergers and Acquisitions” and the other is “Royalty Owner Relations Handbook”. You can view both online for free.


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