Looking for land owner

Received word through a leasing agent that my great-grandmother holds mineral rights on 40 acres in SW/4 SE/4 of Section 13 Block C-21 in Reeves County Texas.

Would like to know if the original family, last name of "Farmer", still holds title to the land.

Also, here in Oklahoma, if a well is drilled in the section you have mineral rights, then you receive royalties. Is this true in Texas as well?


Contact the Reeves County Clerk's office and ask if they could assist you with locating the owner of the acreage in question.


Clint Liles

Also, try a search of the Reeves CAD by legal description, and you can find who they are sending the surface property tax bills to. http://www.isouthwestdata.com/client/webindex.aspx?dbkey=reevescad&time=20149190709002 Not as accurate as a title search but usually correct.

To answer your question, Texas does not have forced pooling like Oklahoma, so there is not automatic inclusion in a section well. That depends on various factors.


Buddy Cotten