Looking for intel on Kingfisher 11-15N-5W activity


I’m looking for intel on drilling activity on Kingfisher 11-15N-5W. I am currently in pay status with Alta Mesa for Vedajac 1505 1-11MH. I’ve been getting approximately $600/month for a little more than 1 year. On the OCC website, the well is listed as S14-15N-5W (I assume that is because the bottom hole is on Section 11?).

I understand from various OCC correspondence that Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions is proposing 6 additional horizontal wells on S11-15N-5W, including Vedajac 1505 3-11MH, Vedajac 1505 6-11MH, Vedajac 1505 7-11MH, Vedajac 1505 9-11MH, Vedajac 1505 10-11MH, and Vedajac 1505 11-11MH.

Generally I’m not prone to selling my rights, but I did receive a tempting proposal from Castlerock Resources … $118K, 5K/acre, 24 acres. I’ve also gotten interest from several other companies. I plan hold onto the rights with the expectation of receiving significantly more in the long run. Luckily I have the luxury of treating this as a long-term investment.

Does anyone have additional intel regarding ongoing activity or prospects on/for the property?

Much appreciation … Bruce Megahan

When there are increased density hearings like this one, a rash of letters go out to mineral owners. In my experience, they are lowball offers just to see if anyone will bite. When I say “lowball”, I have had my properties evaluated by a petroleum engineer and so far, every offer so far has been lower than the value of the minerals rights. They want to buy the future potential. No harm in that, but mineral owners need to be aware of the strategy and always ask for more if they need to sell. If you don’t need to sell, then evaluate whether the risk and time value of money leads you one direction or another depending upon your family situation, heirs to inherit or not, etc. OEA is very active in this area.

I’m not in that particular section but I personally wouldn’t even think about selling for $5K/nma. Even twice that much is low in my opinion.

Considering that the pooling was at $4000 3/16ths, I think 5K is too low as well.

Just FYI. The Chaparral Q1 investor presentation just came out. Take a look at their MERGE slides and you will get a feel for what is going in the area. Check out the other operators Q1 presentations as well.

Thanks Martha, very informative. I especially like the “Continuous Petroleum System” slide which shows Garfield, Kingfisher, and Canadian as a common reservoir. Chaparral seems to be focused on Canadian county.

Thanks John. There won’t be any selling going on here :+1: