Looking for information on Oil Valley Petroleum LLC and selling our interest

My family has been approached to sell our interest in property located in Dewey OK, 010-017N-014W. We have been offered $1,000.00 per acre for our 1/14th interest.

We are wondering if anyone has any information on OIL VALLEY PETROLEUM LLC out of Shawnee OK. I have not been able to locate anything on the internet.

Is it common practice to sign over interest/deed and wait 30 days for check processing?

We inherited from our grandmother in the 90’s. Currently we receive a royalty check for pennies every year. We were wondering if there may be new activity in the area we should be aware of before moving forward.

Any information would be helpful.



Steve. I own 28 acres of royalty in Deey county. I have a well that started producing in 2011 and have received well over $2000 an acre in checks since then and still producing. They could possibly drill 5-6 more wells on the section over time. Prices will come back and they continue to improve drilling costs. We are in sec 1 16 N 14 w. Unless you need the money I would recommend not to sell. Continental Resources drilled our wheel. Good company. Hope this helps

I have minerals in Dewey County and we receive offers like this all the time. Don't sell unless you have to, and if you have to, let me make you an offer. I inherited minerals from my mother and grandmother and they would haunt me if I ever sold. There is activity in Dewey County and we just leased for $1,000.00 an acre, and are wondering if we should have held out for more.

I agree with Bonnie. My Dad said never sell.

I agree to a point! Never sell UNLESS THERE IS A REASON TO SELL!!!! some may need the $$$ for college, food, ete, etc, etc,. I have been in this business 45 years and I NEVER SAY NEVER SELL!!!!!

Truth is some people need to sell and some MUST sell, and some may keep forever!

We have minerals in 2-16N-14W and are considering a lease at $2,650 and 1/5th royalty for 3 years. Have heard of Oil Valley and have family who think they are reputable. Have not dealt w them directly.

I leased in section 1 16n 14w a few years ago so sounds great. Our well is still producing