We recently found out we inherited some mineral rights in Blaine County. The location is S18 T15N R10W NE/4 for 13.333 acres we thought. Here is where we get confused, We sold the mineral rights to a company for the agreed amount. due to a probate it had to go to court to see if their were any claims on the rights and their were none. We thought all was good until received an E-mail from the Landman saying there was a mistake and that our inheritance was only 6/10 of an acre.(someone made a mistake I guess) just days before it was recorded in the new company's name, I would believe everything would have been researched before going to court on these mineral rights. I'm not saying there was wrong doing but what I'm looking for is a website or contact information to see that the company who purchased the rights from us actually purchased the 6/10 of an acre from us and not 13.333 acres that we had agreed to in the beginning. Not really knowing the rules & laws over land and mineral rights in Oklahoma we are looking for any advice & information. We also found out their was a old working well (not to big) on the property for oil & natural gas. We were wondering if we could be compensated for what for what is has produce? Thank You in advance for any information you can give us.

You can go to the Blaine County Clerk's office and do your research. You can track it down by finding who you inherited from. Should also be able to find the mineral deed that was filed after the probate hearing.

Thank You for the information. I do have a copy of the Mineral Deed that was filed after the probate and after the mineral rights were sold but it only gives a the legal description not the acreage. I guess I need to contact a Landman to go to the records department to see if it actually has total acres on it. We are in Washington State so that a long drive for us.(LOL)

Sorry your profile said Watonga so I assumed you lived in town. Sounds like the acreage got confused at some point. If it was 1/6 of 80 acres it would be 13.333 acres.

We had a similar situation last year, also in Blaine County. The estate went through probate court and the court decision was that we had a fair amount of acres in Blaine County under lease and producing BUT when I posted on this forum to get some information a fellow in the area who has some records advised me that he was sure those rights had been sold back in the 1970's and he was nice enough to give me the page # in the Blaine County Clerks books. I went on line and was able to pull up that particular book and record and the rights had been sold so we no longer had any interests. Maybe someone on this forum can do the same for you (I'm in CA) otherwise you would have to hire a landman to search the records. Also, there were royalties in the bank that had never been disbursed since the bank had no record of heirs, those funds went to the Oklahoma Treasurer to hold. When we went through probate those funds were released to us since they were in the bank before the mineral rights were sold. I think your best bet (if you can't find the sale record online) would be to contact a reputable landman and ask some questions as to whether it's worth your while to do a search. We currently have some other mineral interests being researched in a different county and I hired a landman who is doing an excellent job for us. He is Ryan Story in Oklahoma City and I highly recommend him. You can contact him through this forum, just go to the drop down menu for "landman" to find him and then send him a private message. To find the records go to the website for the Blaine County Clerk. I download the records I needed and I think I had to join for a month to use the service, something like $10 for a month I think. I hope that helps.

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Thank you for the information.


I have title for you section, have you found the answer to your question or are you still trying to figure it out?

If you are, PM me or email me at jbeunier@frotnrange-ep.com and I can see if we have already traced your title when we reviewed that area.



Good Afternoon Jeff. I will send you an E-mail and thanks for reaching out to us.


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I had lost our direct email chain, and was going to ping you on here, but then found the emails...Sorry bud. I'm working through the title - I see your relatives on there, just trying to figure out where their acreage came from and went.