Looking for information about Landman

My mother was recently contacted by Cynthia Anderson, Landman with Anderson Associates in Reeves County, TX. Neither she nor the company have responded to voicemail or email. Has anyone out there worked with this person or this company? I'm trying to find out if they are legitimate. Thanks.


With minerals in Reeves County, you don't chase the landman, she chases you and if she doesn't, many others will. Make sure you get a good deal as it may be your last considering the current technology being pursued.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Yes I know Cynthia Anderson the reason of no response is she was let go by the company she was working for. I talked to her husband and he told me she turned in all her contact info to the company when she left guess it is there lost sure you well get somebody else.

Thank you for the suggestion. LC

Thank you for this information, which explains a lot. I guess we'll just wait to see if someone else makes contact. Lianna


Respond to my personal message request. I'm working with some good landmen in the area now that are able to do the right thing. By my standards at least.

Gary Hutchinson