Looking for info on who might be offering leases in Maddison county these days


A few years ago we signed leases on our 55 acre tract in Maddison county. We actually renewed the lease again with the same company. This was 2 years ago on a 3 year lease. I am not finding the company hat had the lease went out of business.

If that is the case, do I have the right to re- lease the land to a different company? or do I have to wait until current one is up? Is there a data base that shows all land and who has the leases as well as if the lease if active?

There are services like courthousedirect.com that have several indexes with free searches. You might try running the company name you leased to in the grantor index to see if your lease got assigned to another company. There is a grantor/grantee index, a lease check report and an oil document index. There are many other sites with searchable indexes. I don't have an interest in any of these sites. This is the one with which I am most familiar.