Looking for info on Brooke 184-185 1H

Block 34, Section 184 Leased by Luxe Energy API #42-475-37789 and 42-475-37815

That well started producing a bit over a month ago, it should have a big full month of production for August when reported to RRC

Thanks. Was this 1H or 2H or both?

How much oil did it or they pump in August

How can I look that up myself?

RRC does not show as a active well.

Just the 2H

Can’t see volumes publicly yet.

When they report to the state you will see it on the RRC. Sometimes you can see it early on pending production The link to this is http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/PR/publicQueriesMenuSubmitAction.do Then use the " Production by Filing Operator" section and the Luxe Operator # is 511772 to select a month and search, nothing yet reported for August

Now with Diamond head purchasing Luxe will this make the paperwork go even slower.

I think the deal your seeing is a past transaction. Luxe sold their original assets in the Delaware basin to Diamondback back in 2016. They are back in the basin now drilling and have not announced any asset sales since. I don’t think you will have any changes to lease ownership/paperwork

Thanks for the answer. I a just a little concerned when things happen.

Anything on Brooke 2H?