Looking for honest lawyer

I have mineral rights in Marion Co. anyone know a trustworthy lawyer I can use, I live out of state. Thanks

You will generally not need an attorney from a specific county. Whether it is a probate or review of a lease go with an oil and gas attorney.

Yes I know I can use any gas and oil lawyer in WV and I have read some are better than others. Just looking for advice on a good one.

I live in Fairmont and have mineral rights in adjoining counties. I have used Miller Law Offices in Fairmont and have been very satisfied.


While some lawyers are versed in most matters of oil and gas, I would consider it important to know WHY you are looking for a lawyer before suggesting one. Needing representation due to a lease negotiation rather than a tresspass claim are two totally different ball games. Feel free to contact me directly to get recommendations.


Hi Rachel, need a lawyer for lease problems with EQT


Unfortunately, I need to know more than that. Please contact me directly.

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