Looking for help regarding an offer to sell 1/6 I own in Lea county


Hi everyone, I own 1/6 of two sections in Lea county. Looks like good location anyways, I am super new to all this and the email with an offer was we are looking at $25,000.00 range? Do you think he is saying per acres or saying that is gross or total amount offered?


It would be helpful to know where you’re located and how much you own for forum members to help advise. Typically they’ll tell you their offer is per net mineral acre or net royalty acre. If they just told you a number, that might just be the lump sum offer. Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information. I own 1/6 in T14 R 33E Sec. 35 S1/2 AND T14 R 33E Sec. 33 E1/2 Any input would be great. Thank you


Need to know how many acres you have in your area.


Hi, thank u for helping. I think 320 acres in each section.