Looking for heirs

I am looking for decendents of Jacob Baumberger. L Luther H Baumberger was one of the heirs. I represent the Estate of Mr zbaumberger And was advised that I needed to start the paperwork to determine any claim I might have. Does anyone know how I should go about This


I would suggest that you add more information to your post including the area where this estate exists and if you are inquiring about possible mineral rights.

Dear Ms. Runyon,

If you have the social security number of Mr. Jacob, you could check the social security death index to find where the last residence (county) was. Then you could contact all the funeral homes to hope to find next of kin records. Local obituaties are great for that purpose, but it is a pain to go through the "stacks."

Another alternative is to use a tracking service. One that comes recommended to me, but I have no idea how good they are is


I think if they do not find your people, there is no charge.