Looking for Blk 27, T4S, S4 on GIS viewer Midland TX.

Hello all, I am trying to find this on the GIS viewer. Blk 27, T4S, Sec 4, supposedly in Midland county? I can find no such location. I suspect maybe a typo as far as BLK 27 being maybe BLK 37? My problem with this being a typo is it comes from a County document. It appears that it is in Midland county according to that doc but my findings so far stop at BLK 33? Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance, MK

Yes, 37 T4S is in Midland County, there is not a 27 T4S. Hope this helps!

Thanks That is what I am finding as well. MK

On your document do you have a Survey name listed? such as T & P RR Co or W R Kelly…

@Clint , No it did not I think this is a typo from the bank years ago best I can tell. Thanks. MK