Looking for an O/G & Mineral Rights Sales Agent Covering Colorado & Wyoming

I own 4 - 20 acre valley placer mineral rights claimsin Cripple Creek, Colorado and I am in the market to sell them as well as 320 acres of oil & gas rights (along with the overriding interest option) in Wyoming. The leases are broken into 4 - 40 acre and 2 - 80 acre leases. They are all new claims and leases.

My question is...Are there any agents that specialize in the marketing of placer mineral claims and O/G leases? I am looking for someone who has the contacts and/or network to market my oil & gas and mineral rights for me. I don't believe that the agent has to be in the area of the claims/leases as most sales are done online but I want to be sure.

The problem I've been running into is that there are many landmen who will do it but they are so busy representing buyers (my landman included) that they don't have the time to aggressively market claims for resale. Surely there must be a dedicated sellers agent out there.

It's a hole I see in marketing of leases and claims.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.