Looking for a mineral mentor

I am a 25 year old military veteran looking to learn about the oil industry so that I can one day own an oil well.

I grew up near the Long Beach Oil Field in California. From a young age, I was fascinated by the rhythmic motions of the oil pumps. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how essential oil is to our country and world. Recently my curiosity in oil is financial in nature: long term income and a hedge against inflation.

I own no current finiancial interest in oil and although my property has mineral rights, there is no oil underneath (to my knowledge).

A recent job loss has made me reevaluate my career choice. I live in Southern California and have other sources of income that can allow me to work for little or no money, so long as I learn something useful! I am willing to travel anywhere if provided a place to sleep in exchange for work.

This may seem like an unusual request but hey, I'm an unusual guy!

I suggest that you contact broker landmen to offer your services to. It is a long process to learn this way.


Buddy Cotten

Go to Midland, TX. Jobs that oil companies cannot fill. Go online and see what you would be interested in.

Trying calling Purple Land Management in Ft. Worth. They hire a lot of entry-level independent contractors.