Looking for a buyer Garvin County Section 19

I’m new to the mineral rights game and would like to find a buyer for a portion of Section 19 in Garvin County. Can you point me in a direction to start my research?

There are many section 19s in Garvin. You would have to have the complete description with section, township and range. You would need to know if you have production or not, what potential reservoirs are under your acreage, etc. If you just inherited, then you might want to get more informed before you consider selling. Short term capital gains are taxed at a higher rate than long term capital gains. Is the value of selling greater than the value of hanging on, etc. If you do decide to sell, then you need to have a clear title. Get bids from several companies. Never hand over a deed without getting a cashier’s check in return. Check the BBB rating of any company that makes an offer.

Thank you so much for the info on what I need to research.