Looking at sell offers for NMA in Dewey County


My sister and I have inherited some mineral rights and are looking to perhaps sell some…they are spread out over Dewey County. Who can tell me what is a good offer and what is a great offer…and what would be a bad offer? I’ve had a few offers but unsure exactly what would be “right.” Thanks in advance for your help. John


Hello John,
Location in the County can make a big difference in what kind of offer you may get. You need to give the exact location of the different locations in the County by supplying the Section, Township and Range. Congratulation on your inheritance and good luck with your minerals.
Clint Liles


John, I wish I could help you with your question, but I and my family are ignorant of prices when it comes to selling or even leasing mineral rights. You might contact my brother, Michael, and he may have the name of a land man or attorney that can help you. His email is tylereagle1@suddenlink.net.


Thank you for your reply Clint. John


Thanks Kim



Thank you for your help. I can attach a spreadsheet with the locations of our minerals. We have various amounts of mineral acres in each of these sections ranging from 6 acres to 53 acres that we will sell. We are selling anywhere from 300 to 600 +/- NMA depending on the price. I have what I think is an ok offer and will probably sign this week…but I would like some numbers to compare with. I will sell to the company with highest and most beneficial offer. Thanks again, John