Longevity of a well - information needed


I really hope someone on these forums can point me in the right direction. I own mineral rights/wells in carter county, oklahoma. One of them is in production and I receive monthly royalty checks. I am trying to secure a mortgage and my lender would like to use the monthly royalty checks as additional income. In order for the royalties to count as income, I have to provide something (letter, graph, chart, etc) that shows that the production on the well should continue for at least the next three years.

According to the underwriter, he has seen such a document before but he's not sure where I could get it. So, does anyone know where I can get information about the estimated production or life of a well??



I am not too knowledgeable about the industy, but if it were me, I would sart with the company that is leasing it from you. If they can't provide you with the information, maybe they could give you some advise on where to obtain this document.

Actually, I received a great response and assistance getting these docs from a gentleman in the general discussion boards. BTW, the leasing company would not release any information like that to me...eventually had to go to the OCC.